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About Us

As the Oil and Gas Industry in Oman began to expand, a need arose to meet the specialised requirements of this industry. To meet these requirements Special Oilfield Services Co. LLC (SOS) was formed.The prime objective of SOS has been to provide specialised services currently being monopolised by large international contractors so that expertise could be available locally and the country could benefit from the same.

The company provides :

  • Wireline services (slickline).
  • Well testing services.
  • Mud Engineering services.
  • Inspection services.
  • Corrosion Management services.
SOS also represents various reputed international organisations to cover various products relating to the Oil and Gas Industry. The major classifications of products are as follows :
  • Well head equipment.
  • Downhole and completion equipment.
  • Production chemicals.
  • Instrumentation.
  • Process equipment.
  • Mechanical/Production equipment/systems
  • Pumps and Gas Compressors.
  • Laboratory supplies including chemicals

We currently have 189 employees which includes Contracts and Operations Managers, Sales Engineers, Mechanical and Intrumentation Engineers, Pump Supervisors, ASNT Level II Inspectors and HSEQ Advisors.

We have operations in interior of Oman at Fahud, Qarn Alam, Bahja, Nimr and Marmul.
Corporate office is at Athaiba (Behind Safeer Hypermarket)

Building No. 3830, Way No. 4451
Block No. 442,
Behind Safeer Super Market  Azaiba

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