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Home » HSEQ » Emergency Response Policy
Emergency Response Policy


It is Special Oilfield Service’s policy to:
"Manage emergencies in all its activities and where possible, assist its
01.Sub-contractors & 02. Third parties.

SOS shall co-operate with external emergency services in all emergencies".

SOS response to any emergency shall focus on following priorities:

Saving life and avoiding injury to PEOPLE (P)
Protecting the ENVIRONMENT (E)
Limiting damage to ASSETS (A)
Preserving Company & Client REPUTATION (R)

And assist in the return to normal operations in the shortest possible time.

The Impact of this Policy is
  • That the assessment of emergency scenarios and corresponding response measures will be in place.
  • SOS shall provide appropriate organization facilities, procedures and Competent personal to enable immediate action to be taken to manage emergencies in its operations.
  • Emergency response plans and procedures shall satisfy the requirements of the laws of sultanate of Oman.
  • Systematic and scheduled testing of emergency response system shall be conducted regularly to verify effectiveness, and any identified improvements Implemented promptly.
  • Mutual emergency aid shall be solicited from government and external organizations.
  • Sub-Contractors / Adhoc contractors shall be required to and manage emergency response in line with this policy.
The Purpose of this Policy is to:
  • Minimize personal injury, environmental damage, asset loss and negative reputation impact through the implementation of an swift & effective risk management recovery process
  • Effectively manage business resumption following unplanned disruption of activities
  • Provide assurance to stakeholders / clients of SOS commitment & ability to manage emergency in its Operations
  • Ensure that the optimum level of effort and resources to be applied to protect the company assets from emergency situations.


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