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HSEQ Policy

  • General   :

    Special oilfield services wishes to be the best service organization in the industry with world class standards of health, safety, environment and quality. Accordingly health, safety, environmental protection and quality are of prime importance to special oilfield services. Consistent with our vision, mission and values we will seek to conduct our oilfield activities and other related operations in such a way as to avoid harm to it’s employees, contractors and all others who may be affected directly or indirectly by it’s activities, demage to work surrounding environment, loss / demage of company owned and customer asset, company and clint reputation and also to maintain the highest practically achievable standards of safety, occupational health, environmental protection and quality in our day to day business.

    To Implement This Policy, Special Oilfield Services Co. LLC will:
  • Consider HSE a line function and all employees are empowered to STOP Work if an unsafe condition exists.
  • Provide the Management Structure, Personnel, Financial and Human Resources necessary to maintain and improve the Quality of our services as well as minimize the potential adverse impacts of our Operations on the Environment and Human Health Safety.
  • Provide education and training for all our employees to impart an  understanding of this Policy, promote the awareness of Quality Assurance and protection of the Environment and Human Health  Safety, and to hold the Manager, Site managers, Supervisors  and Workforce accountable for their performance.
  • Maintain an integrated approach to Quality, Commencing with Customer enquiry and through the completion. Provide to Oil and Gas industry specialized and High Quality Oilfield Equipment and Services with an aim to not only meet but exceed customers’  requirements.
  • Comply with the applicable Oman Health, Safety, Environmental, Quality regulations and all legal requirements and, where possible, conform to Internationally accepted “Best Practices” and Standards.
  • Strive to meet the aims of this Policy by developing and  implementing effective Health, Safety, Environment and Quality management programs with defined objectives and targets to improve pro-active control of the risks, and create a step change in behavior. 
  • Prevent pollution and continually improve of our environmental performance by implementing proven technologies that are  economicallysound.
  • Promoting safe work practices and maintain property and equipment within acceptable Quality standards.
  • Monitor and evaluate our performance in achieving the objectives of this Policy, implement regular Internal Audits & management reviews to achieve responsible self-regulation of the Company’s Operations.
  • Continually improve the effectiveness of our Health, Safety,Environment, and Quality Integrated Management System.


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