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  The S.O.S. Sales Department oversees products and service representation as covered by Sales Agency Agreements with some of the leading foreign oil & gas companies. The Sales Department markets a wide range of quality products and services:
Drilling And Completion
Agency Country Product Description
Stream Fla Well Heads & Valves
Stream Flo Industries Limited

Well Heads,
Gate Valves,
check valves

Logo Petro Valve
USA Petro Valve
U.S.A. High Performance Beam Pump Valves
Singapore BOP to API 16A

UK  Tools for the exploration, production and exploitation phases of oil fields

Geophysical Research Company, LLC
USA  Amerada┬« mechanical gauge, Surface readout tools for permanent, memory, and artificial lift applications, Down hole data acquisition, Proprietary technology for measuring, recording and delivering reliable /accurate well data with extremely high resolutions




Country Decription of Product
Logo Ados
Abu Dhabi Oilfield Services
U.A.E. Test separators,
fabrication of flanges,
tees, etc
UK Consultants for reservoir analysis,
production, water injection,
corrosion study,
Water Quality analysis services.
Nalco Logo
Nalco Limited
UK Corrosion Inhibitors & other chemicals
Logo Manoir
Manoir Industries
France Petrochemical and Nuclear
Foundry, forgings,
Tube bundles etc.,
Logo Bea Technologies
Bea Technologies S.p.A.
Italy Filtration Equipment
Logo CCB International
Cylindrical Corrosion Barriers, Inc. (CCB)
USA Sleeves for welding joints of 
internal coated pipes.
Italy Gas Processing equipment
Logo Howden
Howden Compressors Ltd
U.K. Gas compressors - screw type,
vapour recovery compressors
Logo Safety Systems
Safety System UK Ltd.,
 (IMI Bailey Birkett)
U.K. Safety Relief Valves,
Flame Arresters,
Bursting Discs & Panels,
Tank safety devices
(Blow-off hatches,
Gauge hatch)
Nuovangiungas Insulation Joints
Nuova Giungas
Italy Pipeline Equipment
(monolithic insulating joints,
Transition PE/Steel fittings)
Logo Compact
Complete Package Technology
Canada Fabricated Equipments
Cyclone Seperators,
Scrubbers,filters metering
skids,line heaters etc
Pilsafeeder Metering & Trasfer Pumps Chem Feed Systems
Pulsafeeder (IDEX Corporation)
USA Positive displacement Pumps,
Metering Pumps,
Gear & Centrifugal
Pumps, Sliding vane pump
Williams Instrument Co.Inc.
USA Chemical Injection Pumps
Norway Non-invasive ultrasonic intelligent sensors for particle, pig, leak and corrosion-erosion monitoring and spectrum analysis

Cyclotech Limited
U.K. Wellhead Desanders,
Hydrocyclones, etc.
Chromalox Precision Heat & Control
Chromalox Limited
U.K. Electric Heaters
(Packaged systems,
Process air heaters, etc.,),
Electrical Heat tracing
Shin Han Heat Exchanger Inds. Co. Ltd.
Korea Air Cooled Heat Exchanger,
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger,
Heat Recovery Systems
(Economizer, Steam Air(Gas)
Heater and Air & Gas Cooler, etc
U.K. Quick release Coupling,DRY-BREAK® couplings
USA Laboratory supplies like
chemicals, equipment,
Safety, furniture, etc.,
Logo Rocmaster
China Pipes and fittings, Flanges,
Hardware, Valves, etc.,
Donau Carbon
Donau Carbon
Germany Activated Carbon and other Adsorbents, Reactivation and Disposal of Activated Carbon, Production of special activated carbon and mixed products & Impregnation
Logo Jay Gaskets
Jay Gaskets
India Compressed Asbestos/Non Asbestos Fibre Gaskets (CAF),Spiral Wound Gaskets, Ring Joint Gaskets , Metal Jacketed Gaskets , Rubber Gaskets,Teflon Gaskets (PTFE) , Gaskets As Per Customer's Specification
Logo Linvic
U K Specialist manufacturer,high quality products to ANY specification, quick delivery option for a wide range of flanges, pipes and pressure fittings
Logo CML
CML Alloys
U K NICKEL ALLOYS, TITANIUM and other Speciality Materials for Corrosion, Heat Resisting.
Liquid Controls
Liquid Control (IDEX Corp)
USA Positive displacement flow meter
Logo Corken
Corken Pumps
USA  Fuel Transfer Pump


U.K. Beacons, Sounders etc.
Honeywell Gas Detection Systems
Honeywell Analytics Limited
U.K. Gas Detectors
eReM Instrumentation & Control Panels
Holland Signal Cabinets, system cables, system integrators, etc.
Logo Barksdale
GERMANY Pressure switches both mechanical and piston, Temperature switches
Intra Automation Log
Intra Automation
GERMANY Magnetic level gauges, level switches
Kenco Engineering
Kenco Engineering Limited
USA Calibration equipment
Mechanica Delft
Mechanica Delft
Holland Orifice Plate
Emco Wheaton
U.K. Tank Truck Equipments,Loading Arms
 Logo Scully
Scully Signal Company     
U.S. Overfill Prevention Systems,UST monitoring systems
Logo Scientific Devices
Scientific Devices
India Flow, level and pressure measurement control Instruments and Industrial Valves
Logo Flexim
Germany Ultra Sonic Flowmeter

Global Gas Solution BV
Belgium  Oil & Gas Custody and non custody flow metering skids, Turbine, orifice, ultrasonic, mass flow metering, Oil & Gas Filtration, Pressure Reduction skids Gas Ultrasonic flow meters Flow computers for Oil & Gas Custom built Station Control panels Supervisory Systems and data communication solutions flow metering and process control packages, Consultancy Services and Project Management for flow related projects Third Party Calibration Services
UK Ultrasonic Gas/Toxic gas/Leak/Smoke/Fire detection


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